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300um FBE Coated API5L X42 Line Pipe

300um FBE Coated API5L X42 Line Pipe
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FBE Coated API5L X42 Seamless Line Pipe

Standard: API 5L PSL1

Grade:  X42

Coating:   CAN CSA Z245 20-2010  FBE 300um

Size:  OD273.1mm*WT 9.27mm/Others

Length:  12m

FBE coating materials is a thermosetting material. it is consist of solid epoxy resin, a Curing agent and various additives by mixing, grinding. when performing, the steel tube was heated to 220-230℃, then by electrostatic adsorption method, FBE powder is sprayed on the surface of the pipe, heated and cooled melt adhesive curing, Single-layer FBE coating thickness is about 300-500um, DPS(double layer FBE)thickness was controlled in 450-1000um.

FBE coating has the properties of excellent adhesive strength, high insulation resistance, oil stress,anti-aging,anti-cathode stripping, anti-high temperature, resistance to bacteria and small cathode protection current(only1-5uA/m2, and etc. but there are also poor performances against mechanical impact, high water absorption and other shortages.

The FBE coated steel pipeline has been widely used in land, underwater pipeline anticorrosion. world iron&steel is a leading supplier and manufacturer of external and internal steel pipelines, our FBE/DPS coating  perform the standards as per Y/T0315, CAN/CSA Z245.20, AWWA C213, Q/CNPC38.etc

The main performances of epoxy powder coating (Y/T0315)

  • Thermal characteristics: surface smooth, color uniform, no  bubbles, cracks and holidays 

  • 24H OR 48H cathodic disbondment (mm) ≤6.5

  • Thermal characteristics(rating of )1-4

  • Cross-section porosity(rating of )1-4

  • 3°flexibility (order specified minimum  temperature ±3°)no crack

  • 1.5J impact resistance(-30°)no holiday

  • 24H adhesion(rating of )1-3

  • Breakdown voltage(MV/m)≥30

  • Mass resistivity Ωm≥1*10⒀

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