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300um FBE Coated API5L X42 Line Pipe

300um FBE Coated API5L X42 Line Pipe
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300um FBE Coated API5L X42 Seamless Line Pipe

Standard: API5L PSL1

Grade:      X42

Coating:   CAN CSA Z245 20-2010  FBE 300um

Size:         OD273.1mm*WT 9.27mm/Others

Length:    12m

FBE coating materials is a thermosetting material. it is consisit of solid epoxy resin,Curing agent and various additives by mixing,grinding.when performing,steel tube was heated to 220-230℃,then by electrostatic adsorption method ,FBE powder is sprayed on the surface of the pipe,heated and cooled melt adhesive curing ,Single-layer FBE coating thickness is about 300-500um,DPS(double layer FBE)thickness was controlled in 450-1000um.

FBE coating has the properties of excellent adhesive strength,high insulation resistance,oil stress,anti-aging,anti-cathode stripping,anti high temperature,resistance to bacteria and samll cathode protection current(only1-5uA/m2,and etc.but there are also poor performances against mechanical impact ,high water absorption and other shortages.

Our FBE/DPS coating  perform the standards as per Y/T0315,CAN/CSA Z245.20,AWWA C213,Q/CNPC38.etc

Use: Widely used in land,underwater pipeline anticorrosion.

The main performances of epoxy powder coating (Y/T0315)

  • Thermal characteristics: surface smooth,color uniform,no  bubbies,cracks and holidays 

  • 24h or 48h cathodic disbondment(mm) ≤6.5

  • thermal charancteristics(rating of )1-4

  • cross-section porosity(rating of )1-4

  • 3°flexibility (order specified minimum  temperature ±3°)no crack

  • 1.5J impact resistance(-30°)no holiday

  • 24h adhesion(rating of )1-3

  • breakdown voltage(MV/m)≥30

  • Mass resistivity Ωm≥1*10⒀

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