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Pipeline Polyurethane Solventless Coating

Pipeline Polyurethane Solventless Coating
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Pipeline API5L With Polyurethane Solventless Coating

Polyurethane Coatings, which is recommended as protective coating and lining for underground & on ground pipelines. . It is 100% solids, applied by plural component airless spray equipment. It is ideally suited for the areas where higher DFT is required as protective barrier. The coating has excellent film build capabilities and can achieve 500 microns to 5000 microns DFT in single application with multiple passes.

Pipe materials specification and propertes:

Type of pipe:API5L PSL1 GrA,B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70

                                 PSL2 Gr.BR,BN,X42N,X46N,X52N,X56N,X60N,X42Q,X46Q, X52Q,X56Q,X60Q,X65Q,X70,X80(R=rolled,N=normalizing,Q=quenching)

Producing Process:SMLS,HFW,LSAW,SSAW

1)SMLS          OD:21.3-508mm      WT:2-60mm 

2)HFW/ERW  OD:21.3-508mm      WT:3.2-15.9mm 

3)LSAW         OD:406.4-1422mm  WT:6.4-44.5mm 

4)SSAW         OD:219.1-2540mm   WT:5.4-25.4mm

All of pipeline chemical composition and mechanical propertes will Acc.to API5L/ISO3183 Specification.

Pipe ends : Beveled accoding to ASME B31.4/ASME B16.25 ( 30°+5°-0  ),Root Face: 1.5mm±0.75mm/1.6±0.8mm,Both of pipe ends with plastic protector

Testing required: Acc.to API5L Tesile test, Flattening test,Bending test,Charpy test,Welding test,NDT,Ultrasonic Test,Hydrostatic test

Coating materials specification and properties

Pull-off strength test ASTM D4541:70kg/cm2

Mandrel bend test ,ASTM D522 bend 180 degree mandrel 1" : ok

Water resistance test ASTM D4585 1500 hrs at 38℃:ok

External Coating Specifications

1.Products : Polyurethane Solventless Coatings.

2.Solids content in volume : 100%

3.High temperature surface coating test ASTM D2485:100℃

8.Salt spray test ASTM B117: 1000hrs min without damage

9.Coating materials validity date: not less than 1 year

a Coating Thickness: 800um

b Cut back length: 150mm±20mm

c Coating Self Life: 25 years

d Primer: Clear Varnish or None

e Metal Surface Preparetion Before Coating : Solvent clearing acc.to SSPC SP1 ,cleaning validation Acc.to SSPC VIS1 Near White Blasting Acc.to SSPC SP10 using abrasive grade 3 or 4 Acc. to SSPC AB1 Surface Profile Min 50um,Max 100um,Tested Acc.to ASTM D4417

Marking: Brand +API5L+OD+WT+Steel Grade+Quality Level+Type of pipe

Blasting Services:Abrasive Blasting,Shot Blasting,Sand Blasting,Grit Blasting

pipe surface blasting.pngpipeline surface blasting.png

FBE coating pipeline.jpg201708012134060450.jpg0625074907large-pipe-$-5x4.5-72dpi.jpg

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FEB Coated Line Pipe.jpg4444.jpg API5L pipe 3PE coated.png     

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