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ASTM/AISI 1566 Steel Round Bar For Spring

ASTM/AISI 1566 Steel Round Bar For Spring
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AISI 1566 is a type of high manganese spring steel, is characterized by high elastic limit, yield strength and fatigue strength, with large hardenability and small decarbonization tendency. It has good machinability and relative machinability of 70% in the annealing state, but it is sensitive to overheating, easy to produce quenching cracks and temper brittleness. AISI/ASTM 1566 is used for making large flat spring, cushion spring and spring, and it is also suitable for making spring ring, valve spring, clutch spring, brake spring cold drawn wire (≤7mm), cold coil spring, etc. It is also the main material for making a diamond circular saw blade.


Specifications: ASTM A689, ASTM A29


Heat treatment: Quenching 830℃ in oil; Tempering 540℃


Relevant standard:

ASTM A689, ASTM A29 1566


GB/T 1222, GB/T 699 65Mn


Chemical composition(ASTM  A689)







AISI 1566






Physical property

Tensile strength (MPa)

Yield strength (MPa)

Elongation (%)





≤302(Hot rolled)


Spring steel refers to the steel specially used for making springs and elastic elements. The elasticity of steel depends on its capacity of elastic deformation, that is, the capacity of elastic deformation within the specified range makes it bear a certain load after the load is removed, there is no permanent deformation.


World iron&steel is a professional supplier of alloy steel rods and bars. We manufacture and distribute high-quality steel 1566 round bar for spring application in accordance with ASTM A29  and ASTM A689 standards, specified delivery conditions and final customer specifications for industrial and commercial applications. Special sizes of steel bars and delivery issues can be further negotiated and we provide a wide range of solutions for purchasing departments to select alternative grades, contact us today!

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