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ASTM A556 C2 U-bent Steel Tubes

ASTM A556 C2 U-bent Steel Tubes
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ASTM A556, ASME SA 556 is a common standard specification for seamless cold-drawn carbon steel feedwater heater tubes. It covers minimum-wall-thickness, seamless cold-drawn carbon steel tubes including bending into the form of U-tubes. In order to increase the heating area and prevent heat from being taken away by cooling water in the condenser,  the U-bending design is essential. The steel pipe is used for making a water cooling wall of the power plant boiler, it can effectively eliminate the steam film on the inner wall of the steel tube and improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace wall. There are three grades for this specification: Grade A2, B2, C2, and among them, B2 and C2 are commonly used.


The tubes we supply:

Specification: ASTM A556 C2

Outside Diameter: 20mm-31.8mm

Wall Thickness::1.1mm-5mm

Length: 3m-12m

Method: Cold Drawn

Delivery Condition: NBK, Bright, U bending.


ASTM A556 Chemistry Composition













ASTM A556 Physical Property


Tensile Strength MPa

Yield Strength MPa


Hardness HRB


480 min

280 min


89 min


ASTM A556 steel pipe is mainly for a high-temperature heater system. World iron&steel manufactures and offers ASTM A556 Grade C2 seamless U-bent steel tubes manufactured in cold drawn process in various sizes and specifications. If you are looking for this material, please contact us or get a quote! Not only do we have all kinds of sizes, but we also have all kinds of sizes that are hard to find.

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