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API 5L PSL2 Pipe

API 5L PSL2 Pipe
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We offer and export a range of API 5L PSL1 and PSL2 carbon steel pipes and according with ASTM, ASME, ANSI and other national and international standards. API 5L PSL1 and PSL2 pipes can be manufactured with seamless and seam pipes, both have a high-quality surface that is adapt to the structural application for oil and gas.

API 5L PSL2 Pipe is a steel pipe that is commonly used for pipeline transport systems in the oil and natural gas industries. World iron&steel is a professional manufacturer, exporter and supplier of carbon steel pipes in China. Our products including API 5L X42 Pipe, X52 Pipe, X56 Pipe, X60 Pipe, X65 Pipe, X70 Pipe PAL1  in seamless and welding.

API5L PSL2 tube including:

» X42 PSL2 tube;

» X46 PSL2 tube;

»X52 PSL2 tube;

»X56 PSL2 tube;

»X60 PSL2 tube;

»X65 PSL2 tube;

»X70 PSL2 tube.


Product specification level: PSL-2

Size range: 0.405 ″ to 80 ″

Tube end: smooth end, threaded end, beveled end, special coupling tubes

Certification: Only traceable until all tests have been approved.

External coating: black paint, anti-corrosion oil or according to customer requirements.

Applications: oil refineries, petrochemicals, power generation (nuclear / thermal), steel, sugar, boiler equipment, pressure vessels and general engineering.

API 5L PSL2 pipe Chemical Properties


Max C for Seamless pipe

Max C for Welded pipe

Carbon equivalent

Max P

Max S




Maximum required for each grade




If you need high-pressure resistant, thick wall and good-quality line pipes for deep well application, drilling and production, exploration and production in the Arctic, or need API 5L PSL1 or PSL2 pipe with length and standard diameter for natural gas, oil or water transportation, world iron&steel can meet the demands for your company.

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