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Api 5l Gr.b Psl1 Pipeline

Api 5l Gr.b Psl1 Pipeline
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API 5L Specifications covers seamless and welded pipe suitable for use in conveying gas, water, oil, and other liquefied media. 

Dimensions of the pipes are covered in following Standard

ASME B36.10 – Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe (Carbon & Alloy Steel)

Pipe Size up to 2” are considered small bore pipe. However, some company considered up to 2.5″ pipe as a small bore.

Pipe Size above 2″ are considered large bore or big bore pipe

Length: Single random pipes:These pipes come in 4.8m to 6.7m in lengths with 5% of lengths in between 3.7 to 4.8 m

              Double random pipes:These pipes have a minimum average of 10.7 m and a minimum length of 4.8 m with 5 % of lengths in between 4.8 m to 10.7 m

Pipe of Ends Type: Plain Ends,Beveled Ends,Threaded Ends,Socket and Spigot ends ,Flanged Ends,What is different pipe ends?

Chemical Composition for API 5L Gr.b PSL1

L245/Grb: C 0.28max Mn 1.2max P 0.030max S 0.030max

Chemical Composition for API5L Gr.b PSL2

L245R/GrBR/L245N/GrBN:C 0.24max Si 0.40max Mn 1.2max P 0.025max S 0.025max  CEhw 0.43max CEpcm 0.25Max

L245Q/GrBQ:  C 0.18max Si 0.45max Mn 1.4max P 0.025max S 0.015max  V 0.05max Nb 0.05max Ti 0.04max CEhw 0.43max CEpcm 0.25Max

L245M/GrBM: C 0.22max Si 0.45max Mn 1.2max P 0.025max S 0.015max  V 0.05max Nb 0.05max Ti 0.04max CEhw 0.43max CEpcm 0.25Max

Mechnical Propertise/Tensile Test for PSL1:

Gr.B:Yield Strength:245 Mpa(35500psi) min,Yield Strength: 415Mpa(60200psi)min

Mechnical Propertise/Tensile Test for PSL2:

Gr.BR /BN/BQ/BM:Yield Strength:245 Mpa(35500psi) -450Mpa(65300),Yield Strength: 415Mpa(60200psi)-760Mpa(110200psi)

All of pipeline chemical composition and mechanical propertes will API5L/ISO3183 Specification.

Pipe ends : Beveled accoding to ASME B31.4/ASME B16.25 ( 30°+5°-0  ),Root Face: 1.5mm±0.75mm/1.6±0.8mm,Both of pipe ends with plastic protector

Testing required: API5L Tesile test, Flattening test,Bending test,Charpy test,Welding test,NDT,Ultrasonic Test,Hydrostatic test

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