Gr.B Line Pipe

API 5L Grb LSAW Line Pipe

API 5L Grb LSAW Line Pipe
Product Details

API 5L Grb LSAW Line Pipe 

LSAW submerged-arc longitudinal welded pipe (DSAW | Double Submerged arc welded):Tubular product having one or two longitudinal seams produced by submerged-arc welding

Specification Acc to API5L /ISO 3183 

Quality Level : PSL1 and PSL2

Grade: Gr.B/BR/BN/BQ/BM

Outer Diameter: 219mm-1820mm

Wall Thickness: 5.0mm-50mm
Length: 6mtr-18mtr

End:square ends (straight cut, saw cut, and torch cut). or beveled for welding

Chemical Composition for PSL1

L245/Grb: C 0.28max Mn 1.2max P 0.030max S 0.030max

Chemical Composition for PSL2

L245R/GrBR/L245N/GrBN:C 0.24max Si 0.40max Mn 1.2max P 0.025max S 0.025max  CEhw 0.43max CEpcm 0.25Max

L245Q/GrBQ:  C 0.18max Si 0.45max Mn 1.4max P 0.025max S 0.015max  V 0.05max Nb 0.05max Ti 0.04max CEhw 0.43max CEpcm 0.25Max

L245M/GrBM: C 0.22max Si 0.45max Mn 1.2max P 0.025max S 0.015max  V 0.05max Nb 0.05max Ti 0.04max CEhw 0.43max CEpcm 0.25Max

Mechnical Propertise/Tensile Test for PSL1:

Gr.B:Yield Strength:245 Mpa(35500psi) min,Yield Strength: 415Mpa(60200psi)min

Mechnical Propertise/Tensile Test for PSL2:

Gr.BR /BN/BQ/BM:Yield Strength:245 Mpa(35500psi) -450Mpa(65300),Yield Strength: 415Mpa(60200psi)-760Mpa(110200psi)

Testing required: API5L Tesile test, Flattening test,Bending test,Charpy test,Welding test,NDT,Ultrasonic Test,Hydrostatic test

Condition of delivery :

API 5L grb PSL1 

As-rolled, normalizing rolled, thermomechanical rolled, thermomechanical formed, normalizing formed, normalized, normalized and tempered; or, if agreed, quenched and tempered for SMLS pipe only


BR :as Rolled , BN :Normalizing rolled, normalizing formed, normalized or normalized and tempered,BQ :Quenched and tempered ,BM:Thermomechanical rolled or thermomechanical formed.

LSAW Producing Process:

LSAW line pipe.jpg

LSAW process of producing.jpg

Specification Chart.png

Surface treatment:

Blasting SA 2.5 beofre black painted or anti-rust oil painted

pipeline surface blasting.pngpipe surface blasting.png

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