Gr.X42 Line Pipe

Api 5l X42 Psl1 Oil And Gas Pipeline

Api 5l X42 Psl1 Oil And Gas Pipeline
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Api 5l X42 Psl1 Oil And Gas Pipeline,  Please download API5L Standard for your reference . More infomation, pls contact us

API5L X42 Hot Rolled Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe for transportation of combustible fluids on land,preferably for gas supply systems.

Steel Designation : X42 (L290 GA) X42N (L290NB)

Materials No. :API5L PSL1(1.0483),API5L PSL2(1.0484)

API 5L X42 PSL1 Seamless and Welded Pipe Chemical Composition:

Seamless: C0.28max   Mn1.2Max    P0.030max     S0.030max 

Welded:     C0.26max  Mn1.2max    P0.030max     S0.030max

API 5L X42 PSL1 Mechanical Properties:

Y.S :245Mpa (35500 Psi)

T.S  :  415Mpa (60200 psi)

Elongation:  28% min

API  5L X 42 PSL2 Seamless and Welded Pipe Chemical Composition:

Seamless: X42 R   C 0.24max Si 0.4max Mn 1.2max P0.025max S0.015max  V0.06max Nb0.05max Ti0.04max   CET 0.43max

                 X42Q   C 0.18max Si0.45max Mn1.4max P0.025 max S 0.015max V0.05max Nb0.05max Ti0.04max   CET 0.43 max

Welded:   X42 M  C 0.22max Si0.45max Mn1.3max P0.025max S0.015max   V0.05max Nb0.05max  Ti0.04max   CET 0.43 max

API  5L X 42 PSL2 Seamless and Welded Pipe Mechanical Properties:  

Y.S : 290 Mpa 42100Psi Min

T.S : 495 Mpa 71800Psi Min

Elongation:  F min

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Welded API5L X42 Gas Line Pipe Processing/Welding

Standard welding processes for these steel grades are: 

TIG-welding                                      Arc welding E  

MAG-welding massive wire              Submerged arc welding SAW 

MAG-welding cored wire 

Depending on the welding position and the plate thickness,maybe other filler metals have to be applied,which can be inquired at the manufacturer in case of need.

Welded Wire recommed.png

These steels can be welded within all thickness ranges according to the afore mentioned welding processes considering the general rules of technology by hand and automatically welding. The mentioned filler metals apply for highest demands. The details in brackets are for lower demands. Burning, preheating, welding and stress relieving annealing should occur under consideration of Stahl-Eisen-Material  bulletin 088.  Specifications and standards concerning stress relieving anneal have to be observed. 


DIN EN 10208-1:2009-07

DIN EN 10208-2:2009-07

API Specification 5L:2007-10

We can also produce external FBE/2PP/3PP/2PE/3PE coated, Internal Epoxy Resin Primer Lined line pipe according to DIN30670/DIN30671 standard

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