3 Layer Polyethylene Anti-corrosion Coating Production Process

3 Layer Polyethylene Anti-corrosion Coating Production Process

Polyethylene protective 3 layer structure is also called the 3 PE/pp.it was a advanced external anti-corrosion technology introduced from Canada to China's in 1995 .3 PE coating, epoxy coating interface properties and chemical properties, and the advantages of extruded polyethylene anti-corrosive coating mechanical protection feature, so as to significantly improve their performance.

According to the experiment, 3 PE can extend the life of buried pipelines for 50 years .The anti-corrosive coatings are widely used in the oil and gas transmission pipeline.Now the domestic existed hundreds of 3 PE coating production line, has the processing Φ 25-2800 - mm steel pipe of 3 PE coating capability.The coating is in accordance with DIN 30670, 30678, TS 5139,UNI 9099 and EN 10288 standards.

3pe coating pipe

First Layer : Electro statically applied fusion bonded epoxy primerFBE>100um

Second Layer : Extruded adhesive wrappingAD170250um

Third Layer : Extruded polyethylene wrapping CoatingPE2.53.7mm


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