API5L 3LPE Anticorrosion Pipe

API5L 3LPE Anticorrosion Pipe

3-layer Anticorrosion Pipe is a multilayer, thermoplastic coating designed to provide maximum long term corrosion resistance and mechanical protection to steel pipe. The system was developed for use in demanding pipeline environments where superior adhesion, cathodic disbondment and impact resistance properties are essential to maintaining pipeline integrity.
It consists of the 3 following components which are simultaneously applied to the pre-heated pipe to form a homogenous barrier against corrosion. The system is typically available in yellow or black:
I) A primary layer of thermosetting fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) powder that adheres to the heated steel substrate providing the corrosion protection and
II) A secondary layer of adhesive polymer resin that reacts chemically with the previously applied FBE to act as a bonding agent and
III) A third layer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) that bonds with the previously applied adhesive resin providing mechanical protection to the system

Service temperature up to 80° C (85° C peaks)
Excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance (impervious to moisture)
Excellent adhesion to steel and extremely resistant to soil stresses
Superb impact/abrasion resistance (minimizes need for finely graded padding for the trench. Also reduces incidents of coating damage during handling, transportation & construction)
Coating thickness can be customer specified dependent on project requirements
Compatible with most known field joint protection systems
Technically superior to 2-layer HDPE systems
Complies with China SY/T0413-2002\Canadian CAN/CSA-Z245.21-2002\GermanyDIN30679