API5L PSL2 X52 CS SMLS LINE PIPE 16"*0.315"*11.8M For Ecuador Customer

2016/7/20,Dispatched API5L PSL2 X52 CS SMLS LINE PIPE 16"*0.315"*11.8M to Ecuador customer

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World iron&steel can mainly supply API 5L PLS1/PSL2 line pipes as follows:

Grade: X42 ,A ,B ,X46,X52 ,X56 ,X60 line pipe.
Part of Project experience: 

1.SMLS,API 5L,GR.B PSL2,SIZE  114.3*8.56*11800mm,QTY 334 Tons.End user: CC ENERGY  DEVELOPMENT,Oman,Year 2013  

2.LSAW,API 5L,GR X52,SIZE 1067*31.75*9418mm,QTY  3000 Tons.End user: ABU DHABI MARINE OPERATING COMPANY,UAE,Year 2014 

3.SSAW,API 5L GR  B,PSL1 SIZE 1016*15.88*12000mm,QTY 192 Tons,End user: IRANIAN GAS ENGINEERING  AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY,Iran,Year 2015

4.SSAW API 5L GRB X52,X60 PSL2 SIZE323.8*10.31,355.6*7.92,457*9.53,610*9.53,660*9.53,711*9.53,914*9.53,1067*9.53,1219*9.53,QTY  288Tons,End user: KNPC,Kuwait,Year 2016

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