Delivery Of 796 Tons API 5L/ASTM A106 GR.B seamless pipe!

Delivery of 796 Tons 3LPE API 5L/ASTM A106 GR.B pipe!

796 Tons of API 5L PSL 1 GR.B Seamless Pipe with external 3LPE coated as per DIN 30670 standard, 

internal HEMPEL Anti-static Epoxy Primer.

Zinc-rich epoxy primer coated pipe & fitting_7.jpg
Zinc-rich epoxy primer coated pipe & fitting_8.jpg

API 5L PSL 1 GR.B Seamless Pipe.jpgThey will be used as the submarine pipe to convey the crude oil and aviation fuel in Cambodia. 

Water and oil and gas will cause corrosion to pipeline in oil and gas production,not only bring economic loss , 

also can cause environmental pollution.So the pipe corrosion is possibility is to jacket the subsea 

piping with a material that resists corrosion.Coating 3LPE is a effective way.

Hempel is a Denmark coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets.

Since 1915, Hempel began to focus on research and development of various kinds of coating for oil and gas industry, 

and even in the worldwide horrible environmental showed excellent anticorrosion performance.

We choose Hempel as 3LPE coating for our API 5L PSL 1 GR.B  Pipe. As a saying goes,Strong horse with strong saddle. 

You may be sure that our product is absolutely dependable.we are pleasure to satisfy your pipe need.