Is It Possible That The Galvanized Steel Pipe To Rust?

  Is it possible that the galvanized steel pipe to rust?

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Galvanized steel is just steel that has been galvanized on it's surfaces which coated with a zinc layer, providing a substantial amount of protection from corrosion. Steel pipes made from galvanized steel are able to resist corrosion, withstand harsh weather, and are stronger and lighter than many other pipes. There comes the question: Will the galvanized steel pipe rust? To understand the question, we should learn about the principle their manufacturing and rust protection.


Galvanized pipes can be divided into hot-dipping galvanized pipe and electro-dipped pipes according to the manufacturing methods. hot-dipped galvanizing is produced by dipping ordinary steel into a pool of molten zinc. But for electro-galvanizing, the steel is dipped into an electrolyte solution containing zinc and makes use of electrolysis to create the corrosion resistance coating. 


Galvanizing is process of coating zinc over steel. Zinc coating normally melts at 850 to 900F & vaporizes at 1500F whereas the steel melts at 2600F due to this during welding zinc coating completely get vaporize at the time of weld pool freezes. The thickness of the galvanized layer determines its service life, the electrolyte galvanizing is a kind of the physical reaction which the zinc galvanized layer attached on the surface of the pipe is thin and easy to rust, but the hot-dipped galvanizing is a chemical reaction, has a form thick protective layer and not easy to rust. After years exposure to air and complex environment, the sacrificial corrosion properties of the Zn coating will be exhausted and It will eventually rust.


Galvanized steel pipe, because of its weaker strength and cheaper price, it is used where steel structures are commissioned in open environment such as the production of HVAC equipment, agricultural greenhouses brackets and chain link fencing,ect. 


Galvanized steel can last roughly forty years until it needs to be replaced. Hard water in the home generally reduces the life expectancy of galvanized pipe. In practical application, the galvanized steel pipe can be primed with most two component epoxies or polysiloxane epoxies for optimum corrosion protection or for aesthetics, waterborne acrylics.


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