The Manchurian Port Steel Exports To Russia Rose By More Than 50% In January

    In January ,2017, manchurian  customs exported 1309.3 tons of steel, and increased by 59.5% year-on-year ;The value of 9.07 million yuan, an increase of 9.7%.According to the manchurian  customs statistics,which 1233.3 tons exported to Russia ,increased by 50.2%, accounted for 94.2% of the total cost of the steel products export area during this period.The remaining 76 tons exported to Mongolia, no exports during the same period last year.

    Statistics show that steel sheet exports of 603.1 tons, for the main types of export, accounted for 46% of the manchurian customs steel exports at the same period;steel Pipe 335.9 tons, accounting for 25.7%;The rest for the Steel Tee , Structural Steel , were all showed increasing trend.

    Manchurian  customs said in a news release, the traditional Russian steel focus on construction, pipe, armed police tools and machinery, is the most important consumption in steel industry.Currently Russia's steel consumption gradually turned to high value-added products, such as mechanical equipment, automobile and complex steel pipe , etc., effectively boost the manchurian customs steel, especially the steel sheet exports.

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