Thick Wall Steel Pipe

Thick wall steel pipe

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Thick wall steel pipe,called thick wall steel tube or heavy wall steel pipe sometimes and refers to the wall thickness and outer diameter ratio greater or equal to 0.05.Which mostly used for hollow blank , pipeline with pressure and important use.

The difference between thick wall pipe and thin wall steel pipe is wall thickness. Generally , thin-walled steel pipe always using cold drawing,and the thick walled steel pipe hot rolling.

The quality of thick wall steel pipe depend on the uniformity of wall thickness.

For the purpose of standardizing pipe dimensions, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published ANSI B36.10. That standard broadened the range of wall thicknesses, Wall thicknesses of carbon steel and stainless steel pipe are most commonly described by a Schedule Number. schedule numbers from SCH10 - SCH160.The wall thickness for a schedule varies according to the pipe size.


We stock a comprehensive range of thick wall Line Pipe from 13.7mm o/d(2.24mm thick) to 406.4mm o/d(9.52mm thick).

Especially 2 inch steel pipe,3 inch steel pipe,4 inch steel pipe and so on .Due to the extensive range available it is impossible to list all the products stocked, so please call with your specific requirements.

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