What’s 2B Cold Rolled Finish And What’s Used For?

What’s 2B cold rolled finish and what’s used for?

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Cold rolled finishes apply to steel sheet or coil, with thickness less than about 5mm and usually less than 3mm. They are firstly hot rolled into a strip and then cold rolled. Cold rolling reduces the thickness by at least 50%. This smooths the surface, refines the grain structure and causes differences in the mechanical properties along and across the rolling direction.

The most common definitions of these surface finishes are provided by ASTM A480 and EN 10088. In both cases it is the cold rolled manufacturing method that is specified rather than specific, measurable characteristics about the surface. 

According to ASTM A480,No. 2B finish is defined as a smooth, moderately reflective cold-rolled annealed and pickled or descaled finish typically produced by imparting a final light cold-rolled pass using (large diameter) polished rolls. This general-purpose finish is more readily polished than No 1 or 2D finishes.

Stainless steel with 2B finish is normally supplied in the annealed plus lightly cold-rolled condition unless a tensile-rolled (harder and stronger) product is specified. 

Stainless steel 2B finish is are found in a wide variety of applications:Bakeware, Chemical plant equipment, Dye house equipment, Flatware, Laundry and dry cleaning, Paper mill equipment, Pharmaceutical equipment,Plumbing fixtures, Refrigeration, Sewage treatment, Sheet metal products, Small tanks, Solar collector panels, Vacuum drum dryers, Waste fuel pool liners, Wheel covers and so on.


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