What’s The Specification For The Thickness Of 3LPE Coating?

3 LPE pipe,three layer polyethylene coating steel pipe, conforming to DIN 30670 standard.

This anti-corrosive coating consists of the following layers:

Layer1:Fusion Bonded Epoxy. This later provides protection against corrosion and is fusion bonded with the blasted steel surface.;

Layer 2:Copolymer adhesive which has excellent chemical bonding to the inner layer and the top layer of polyethylene;

Layer 3:Polyethylene layer used for protection against any physical damage of the pipes.

Layer1 of minimal thickness of 80 µm,layer2 of minimal thickness of 250 µm,Then Whats the specification for the thickness of 3LPE coating?Minimum total thickness of polyethylene coating shall be as below:

Normal size

Minimum Total Coating Thickness

Normal type

Reinforced type

≤DN 100



˃DN100  ≤DN250



˃DN250  <DN500



≥DN500  <DN800






Coating thickness inspection:

1) The coating thickness shall be determined by taking at least 10 measurements at locations uniformly distributed over the length and periphery of each pipe. In case of welded pipes,five of the above readings shall be made at the apex of the weld seam, uniformly distributed over the length of the coated pipe. All readings must meet the minimum requirements.However, localized coating thickness of less than the permissible minimum thickness can be tolerated on the condition that it does not attain a total extent of more than 5²per meter length of coated pipe, and the actual coating thickness does not drop more than 10% below the permissible minimum coating thickness at these locations

2)Thickness of epoxy and adhesive shall be measured at the beginning of each shift and whenever the plant re-starts after any stoppage for compliance.

3) Coated pipes not meeting the above requirements shall be rejected.

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