What Steel Work Best In Manufacturing LNG Tanks?

what steel work best in manufacturing LNG tanks?

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In the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, the storage and transportation of LNG are two important links. Natural gas is flammable and explosive fuel and The storage temperature of LNG is very low. The storage and transportation equipment must be safe, reliable and efficient.Do you know what steel work best in manufacturing LNG tanks?


Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is known for its weldability and durability. It offers high strength with low coefficients of thermal conductivity although carbon steel in low temperature conditions requires heat treating.

Varieties of carbon steel plate including:

API 2H Steel Plate -- Medium strength, normalized plate exhibiting higher impact toughness and prevention of fatigue loading. Generally used for structural applications such as welding in the construction of offshore structures.

A633 Steel Plate -- Normalized, high-strength plate well suited to low ambient temperatures. Ideal for use in riveted, welded, or bolted construction applications.


Nickel Steel

ASTM A240 Steel -- general standard for LNG storage tanks.

ASTM A645 Plate -- heat treated 5% and 5 1/2% nickel alloy steel plates intended primarily for welded pressure vessels for service at low or cryogenic temperatures. 

ASTM A553 Plate -- 9% nickel  has been the standard for LNG storage tanks since 1954. Known for its durability at low temperatures, the 9% nickel steel performs well with an absorbed energy of 60J at temperatures down to -196°C. The metal alloy also resists brittle crack initiation.

Recent advances in alloy technology have allowed it’s an alternative to 9% nickel steel. The new alloy is also part of the nickel steel family. This nickel steel has a lower nickel concentration between six percent and seven and a half percent. The metal alloy maintains good impact properties at welded joints. It also has superior fracture resistance in connection with crack initiation and propagation properties as result of advanced TCMP. However, the overriding benefit may be its lower price.



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