Who Is The Most Steel Anti-dumping To China ?

  According to Reuters, India could soon be new rules that  mandatory must  use domestic steel in government infrastructure projects, the protectionist measures aimed to further reduce steel imports, most of which came from China.

  India will extend 5 years anti-dumping to some steel products from China ,to seek to retain steel industry protectionist barriers, curb the influx of cheap foreign goods in India.

  The anti-dumping extend duties measures take effect on May 17, 2016 at the earliest, in view of the varieties including originating in or imported from China (except cast iron), alloy or non- alloy steel seamless pipe(except stainless steel) , line pipe and pipe fitting.That time, the Indian government decided to impose a less than 6 months on the varieties of the provisional anti-dumping duty.

  It is important to note that this may be just the beginning of India to strengthen the resistance.

  Earlier this month, secretary of Indian steel Aruna Sharma has revealed that, in the next two months of more than 124 kinds of steel products to impose anti-dumping duties for a long time, has a "compelling reasons".

  In fact, in the most,iron steel trade disputes 2016.from around the world to China's new trade cases a total of 43, including 20 in Asia, North America seven, five in Europe, central and South America and Africa - 4 each, Oceania. 2.Among them, India seven to become a charter at most.

  Measures include anti-dumping, countervailing, anti-circumvention, and provisional anti-dumping.And imposing provisional anti-dumping duties, the Indian government to curb steel imports surge of new attempt.

  India steel department plans to crude steel capacity from the current 122 million tons to 300 million tons in 2020.according to the latest national steel policy.

  The latest steel policy goals include, India's per capita steel consumption increased from the current 61 kg to 160 kg in 2030, at the same time the country will become a net exporter of steel.Thus, China's steel exporting to India, is a threat to achieve the "steel dream" and domestic steel enterprises.

  At present, India's top Steel mills, including JSW Steel, Tata Steel, Steel Authority of India and so on all has been lobbying the government to take more protection measures.

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