World Iron Steel Supply API 5L Grb Line Pipe For Municipal Sewage Treatment Pipeline

World iron steel supply API 5L Grb line pipe for municipal sewage treatment pipeline.

Sandard:API 5L psl 1

Steel Grade: Grb


The heat treating process shall be performed in accordance with a documented procedure. Pipe furnished to this specification may be as-rolled, normalized, normalized and tempered, subcritically stress relieved, or subcritically age hardened; and X Grades may be quenched and tempered.Grade B pipe that is quenched and tempered shall be seamless and shall be by agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer. See Section 10 for applicable marking requiremments.


Pipe smaller than size 4 1/2 in Grades A25, A, and B shall be reasonably straight. All other pipe shall be randomly checked for straightness; deviation from a straight line shall not exceed 0.2% of the length. Measurement may be made using a taut string or wire from end to end along the side of the pipe, measuring the greatest deviation.

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Singapore customer purchased 780ton api5l line pipe( the picture will be update) and pipe coupling( the samples picture as follows:)for municipal sweage treatment pipeline. Techincal service is priority advantage to earn this order.