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27SiMn Hydraulic Steel Tube

27SiMn Hydraulic Steel Tube
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27SiMn has good machinability and cold deformation plasticity. It maintains high strength and wear resistance during heat treatment and high toughness during water quenching. 27SiMn steel is widely used in automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, shipping industry, 27SiMn steel tubes are normalized and tempered, phosphate oiled inside and outside,  is generally used for manufacturing hot stamping parts requiring high toughness and wear resistance, such as various hydraulic parts.


Wall thickness: 10.00-60.00mm

Outer diameter: 63.00-677.00mm

27SiMn chemical composition:


















27SiMn Mechanical property:

Tensile strength Rm


yield strength ReH


Elongation A5

12% or higher

shrinkage Ψ

40% or higher

impact energy AkV2 (20 ℃)



240 ~ 280 HBW


Water pressure test at normal temperature: 25-30mpa (continuous pressure).

The surface roughness: R а (including 12.5 m or less.

Dimensional tolerance of inner and outer diameter: ±0.15mm


As one of the most commonly used hydraulic cylinder raw materials, 27SiMn cold-drawn steel tube is applied to the steel tube of hydraulic cylinder system according to GB/T17396. World iron&steel is a leading 27SiMn hydraulic pipe supplier, manufacturer and wholesaler in China. We provide 27SiMn seamless and welded steel pipes of various specifications and sizes, if you are looking for this material, please contact us or get a quotation! Not only do we have all kinds of sizes, we also have all kinds of sizes that are hard to find.

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