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ASTM B363 Seamless And Welded Titanium Elbows

ASTM B363 Seamless And Welded Titanium Elbows
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The specification ASTM B363 covers unalloyed titanium and titanium alloys fittings intended for general corrosion-resisting and elevated-temperature services. The term welding fittings applies to butt-welding parts such as 45°and 90° elbows, 180°returns, caps, tees, reducers, lap-joint stub ends, and other types. The Seamless and Welded Elbows made by titanium according to specification ASTM B363 has very high tensile strength and toughness used in aircraft seawater and other industrial applications. We are reliable distributors, manufacturer,  stockist,  supplier, trader of Titanium elbows.


Specification: ASTM B363 /ASME S B363

Type: Seamless/welded

Available sizes:DN15-DN600(NPS 1/2”-24”)

Pressure Ratings: 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#

Common Grades: WPT1, WPT 2, WPT 3, WPT 7, WPT 9, WPT12, WPT 23


The titanium elbows we supply

Long   radius elbow (LR); Short radius elbows (SR)

45° titanium   elbow; 90° titanium elbow, 180° titanium elbow

45° Reducing   elbow; 90° Reducing elbows


Permissible raw material

 SB-363 materials


The titanium pipe fittings are used for where require highly corrosive resistant, high temperature and pressure pipelines in chemical, sewage treatment, oil, food and medicine, electricity, aerospace, shipbuilding and many other industrials. With an extensive inventory of pipe fittings, World iron&steel carries a wide range of butt weld titanium and titanium alloy 45°,90°,180° elbows in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings according to ASTM B363, including configurations and sizes hard to find to meet your project’s needs.

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