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Direct Burial Pre-insulated Fixed Joint

Direct Burial Pre-insulated Fixed Joint
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The pre-insulated fixed joint is composed of carrier steel pipe, HDPE Casing pipe and jacketed foaming, which is used for insulation and cooling of indoor and outdoor pipelines, central heating pipelines, central air conditioning pipelines, chemical industry, medicine and long-distance transportation pipelines of petroleum. The directed burial pre-insulated pipe tees is a type of fiberglass jacketed, spray applied polyurethane foam insulated piping system for below ground distribution of liquids from -320°F to 250°F.  The polyurethane system with foaming provides maximum thermal efficiency to optimum performance of cryogenic and very low heat conductivity coefficient.



Standards: ASTM D-1248 

Nominal diameter(DN): 20-400mm

Casing PE pipe outside diameter (mm):90-560mm

Steel pipe outside diameter: 26.9 -406.4mm

Length (mm): 1500mm, 2000mm

Minimum wall thickness of the PE pipe: 3- 15,6mm



Carrier pipe (Inner pipe) can be:

API 5L Gr. B X42 X46 X52 X56 X60.

ASTM A106/53 Gr. A /Gr. B / Gr. C

APL 5CT:J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110

DIN 1629: St 37.0, St 44.0, St 52.0

DIN 17175: St35.8, St45.8, 17Mn4, 17Mn5, 15Mn5, 15Mo3, 13CrMo910

EN10240: S235JO, S235JR, S355JR, P265TR1, S355JRH...

EN 10216-2/ EN 10217-2/ EN 10217-5: P235GH

EN 10217-1: P235TR1/TR2

(Other material manufactured by Customer’s Demand)


Protective pipe:

HDPE Casing pipe/ Fiberglass pipe

Leakage alarm line:

High temperature prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe can be installed in the insulation layer with an alarm line, once the pipeline leakage, the detection instrument alarm and show the exact location of the leakage and the leakage amount, to ensure the safe operation of the heat network.

We supply and manufacture direct burial pre-insulated fixed point in accordance with EN, ASTM, JIS, GB standards, specified delivery conditions and final customer specifications for companies in the machinery, construction, chemical, mining, food, railway and communications, energy and petrochemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, aerospace, plastics and other industries. Special sizes of steel pipes and delivery issues can be further negotiated and we provide a wide range of solutions for purchasing departments to select alternative grades without specifying product specifications.

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