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Welded Monolithic Insulation Joint

Welded Monolithic Insulation Joint
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Insulation joints also referred to as Isolation joints, are mainly used for oil and gas pipelines sealing and prevention of electrochemical corrosion. Monolithic insulation joint is a general term for the pipe joint with insulation performance required by the sealing, strength and electric corrosion protection of buried steel pipeline. It consists of short joints, steel flanges, steel fixing rings, seals, retaining ring, insulation kit and packing, etc. The insulating ring is the core part of the insulation joint in compliance with ASTM D709 G10.


Specification: ANSI B31.4/ 31.8/16.25

Ends: Weld ends, threaded ends, flange ends

Size: DN15~DN1200


Coating: Epoxy Resin (Min 200µ)

Pup Pipe: API 5L Gr B, X42, X52, X56, X65, X70, ASTM A106 Gr B, ASTM A333 Gr6

Rings: ASTM A105, ASTM A694, F42 - F70

Medium: Oil, gas, water, chemical raw materials, slurry.


The insulation joint is an indispensable and important pipeline accessory in the gas and oil pipeline system. It is mainly used in the gas transmission and distribution system and the pressure regulating station. It insulates the gas pipeline and the gas pressure regulating station from each other, protects them from electrochemical corrosion, prolongs the service life, and can be used directly in the ground.

World iron&steel prides standard and custom-engineered insulation joints and to match your API 5L and API 5CT pipe’s needs.  Special sizes of steel pipes and delivery issues can be further negotiated and we provide a wide range of solutions for purchasing departments to select alternative grades without specifying product specifications.

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