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ASME SA 213 Stainless Steel Finned Tubes

ASME SA 213 Stainless Steel Finned Tubes
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ASME SA 213 Stainless Steel Finned Tubes

The heat exchange finned tube is the most used heat exchanger tube in the heat exchange of gas and liquid. It is to add fin to the common base tube to enhance heating, so as to achieve the fast heat transfer of heat exchanger through heat exchange finned tube.According to the type of materials, it is divided into single-metal finned tube and bimetal finned tube.

There are four main types of finned tube structure:

1.Spiral wound fin tube

2.Bimetal aluminum rolling heat exchange finned tube

3.Copper pipe and aluminum sleeve sheet

4.Steel tube skewers

Common specifications for finned tubes:

MaterialsRadiating tube 
Carbon Steel tube   + Carbon finφ18*2.0-38mm
Stainless steel   tube + Stainless finφ18*2.0-38mm

Carbon/Stainless   tube+ Aluminium finφ18*2.0-38mmφ21*2.0-44mmφ25*2.0-50mm
Copper tube + Aluminium finφ16*1.0-36mmφ18*1.0-38mm

Fin tubes are mainly used in:

1) on condensers and evaporators,absorption chillers,oil coolers and other heat exchangers in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

2) Condensate and evaporator in thermal power stations and nuclear power station heat exchangers,and condensate and evaporator in ship exchangers.

3)Various heat exchangers in gas turbine units and all petrochemical air coolers,diesel coolers,secondary coolers and easte heat recovery systems driers and heaters used by the chemical industry.

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