Gr.J55 Casing Tube

API5CT Gr.J55 Casing Pipe

API5CT Gr.J55 Casing Pipe
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API5CT Gr.J55 casing pipe or J55 seamless casing and tubing

The oil casing is a steel pipe used to support the oil and gas well wall to ensure the normal operation of the entire well after the drilling process is completed and completed. Each well is based on different depths of drilling and geology, using several layers of casing. After the casing is drilled, the cement cementing is adopted. It is different from the oil pipe and the drill pipe and cannot be reused. It is disposable material. Therefore, the consumption of casing accounts for more than 70% of all oil well pipes.

API 5CT J55 Casing pipe is mainly used for oil well drilling mainly for supporting the well-wall during and after drilling to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the entire well after completion. World iron & steel is one of the leading China Casing Pipe manufacturers and suppliers, if you want to buy or import high-quality API J55 casing pipe, please feel free to contact us. The casing can be divided into the conduit, surface casing, technical casing and oil casing. Steel grades for oil casings: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, V150, etc. 

Threads type: short round thread, long round thread, Buttress thread, Premium thread, etc.

Weight calculation:

[(outer diameter - wall thickness) * wall thickness] * 0.02466 = kg / m (weight per meter)

chemical composition

(1) According to SY/T6194-96. The casing and its couplings are of the same steel grade. Sulfur content <0.045%, phosphorus content <0.045%;

(2) Take chemical analysis samples according to the provisions of GB/T222-84. Conduct chemical analysis according to the relevant provisions of GB223;

(3) American Petroleum Institute API SPEC 5CT 1988 first edition. Chemical analysis was prepared according to the latest version of ASTM E59 and chemical analysis was performed according to the latest version of ASTM E350.

Physical properties

(1) According to SY/T6194-96. For the flattening test (GB246-97) tensile test (GB228-87) and hydraulic test;

(2) According to the American Petroleum Institute API SPEC 5CT 1988 first edition for hydrostatic pressure test, flattening test, sulfide stress corrosion cracking test, hardness test (ASTME18 or E10 latest version of the provisions), tensile test, lateral impact test ( ASTMA370, ASTME23 and the latest edition of the relevant standards are specified), grain size determination (the latest version of ASTM E112 or other methods).


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