Gr.N80-Q Casing Tube

API 5CT Gr.N80-Q Oil Tubing

API 5CT Gr.N80-Q Oil Tubing
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API 5CT Gr.N80-Q Oil Tubing

API 5CT Grade N80Q steel is treated by quenching and tempering, of which collapsing strength and internal pressure strength are higher than that of N80-1.WORLD IRON & STEEL is one of the leading China API 5CT Gr.L80-Q OCTG manufacturers and suppliers, we supply and exporter quality API N80-Q Tubing for the oil and gas applications, please feel free to contact us. 

Standard: API 5CT

Grade: N80


OD<114.3mm  tolerance ±0.79

OD≥114.3mm  tolerance -0.5% +1%

Thickness tolerance:-12.5%

Manufacture process:S or EW

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