Gr.R95 Casing Tube

API 5CT Gr.R95 Octg

API 5CT Gr.R95 Octg
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Products: API 5CT Gr. R95 OTCG

Standard: API5CT-American Petroleum Institute

API 5CT is the standard drawn up from the American Petroleum Institute, is the specification for seamless casing and tuning. World iron & steel is one of the leading Oil Tubing manufacturers, suppliers, company, factory, seller, and exporter, if you have the needs of API R95 oil tubing, API 5CT R95 oil tubing, 5CT R95 oil tubing, R95 oil tubing, Gr.R95 oil tubing for your oil and gas pipeline projects, please feel free to contact us. 

Grade: R95


OD114.3mm  tolerance ±0.79

OD114.3mm  tolerance -0.5% +1%

Thickness tolerance:-12.5%

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